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Professional Vehicle Window Tinting

Cars, Vans, Buses/Coaches, Caravans/Mobile Homes and Boats, we tint them all!


The TOTAL TINTING team can provide solutions to numerous vehicle issues through film application.

With vehicles,

these issues usually include:
UV Glare
Solar Heat Build-Up
Interior Fade

Providing Solutions to Commercial Glazing

With over 25 years’ combined experience, the TOTAL TINTING Commercial team are experts in combating glazing issues using their accumulated knowledge.

Whether your concerns lie with privacy, safety, UV glare, solar heat build-up or simply aesthetics, our team have the solution.

We stock a vast range of films, each having their own properties, to provide that solution.
The films range in various colours, depths/shades, strengths and finishes (e.g. reflective/mirror films) to suit individual needs.

The films are sourced to be of the highest quality, and the lowest price enabling us to offer you an expert job at an affordable cost!


It all starts with a Free Consultation!

We provide a free consultation to all our customers, allowing us to retrieve the information we need to carry out the work (i.e. measurements, restrictions, etc.).

From this retrieved information we can then devise a work-plan and calculate costs etc.
This meeting is also a great opportunity for you to forward any questions you may have yourself about the work ahead.

Feel free to query costs, time-scale, method, materials, safety issues, aftercare and anything else that springs to mind.  

We will do our best to answer any questions and keep you informed, allowing us to work together to achieve the best results!

We stock a wide range of different films which all have individual properties to combat individual problems.

These films include:
Privacy Films
Safety Films
Solar Films
UV Control Films
Anti-Graffiti Film

Privacy films provide visual privacy in your home, your office and your vehicle whilst still allowing good light transmission if required. These films are available in various shades of charcoal, opaque’s/frosting and reflective/mirror finishes.

Safety films are applied to existing glass to strengthen and reduce the risk of flying glass in the case of an accident/impact.

These films are available in many strengths and are usually clear. However, if required, tinted safety films are also available.


Keeping Your Conservatory Cool

TOTAL TINTING Conservatories have the solutions to your solar heat build-up problems at home.

During the Spring/Summer months, heat from the sun blazing down on your conservatory roof becomes trapped inside and builds up to unbearable temperatures.

This makes the space too uncomfortable for you, family and friends to use; not anymore!

Fitted roof blinds are one solution but can be very difficult to keep clean and sometimes block out too much light.

We apply a layer of solar film to the inside of your glazed or polycarbonate roof which still allows a lot of light to travel through, but reflects heat away.

This way, your conservatory is remarkably cooler and still bright.

Your conservatory's climate will then be controlled allowing you to enjoy the space throughout the Spring/Summer months.

Commercial Manifestations

The TOTAL TINTING team don’t just stop at film application; we also offer skills in vinyl application.

This includes manifestation work, marking transparent glass where it is difficult to acknowledge.

These manifestations must be immediately and obviously visible to avoid human contact and this was made a legal requirement in January 1996.

“The “Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare at Work Act”, Regulation 14 States:
14 . . . Windows, and transparent or translucent doors, gates and walls:-
(1) Every window or other transparent or translucent surface in a wall or partition and every transparent or translucent surface in a door or gate shall, where necessary for reasons of health


Professional Vehicle Wrapping and Graphics


TOTAL TINTING also offer a vehicle wrapping and graphic service.

The vinyl can be applied to any vehicle in a variety of ways, shapes and forms depending on the look you are trying to achieve.


Vehicle wraps involve completely covering a specific area/panel in vinyl, totally transforming its appearance and in some cases texture (e.g. carbon weave vinyl).

This is popular with people looking to change the colour of a specific area on their vehicle, without permanently altering the factory paintwork.

Vehicle graphics are designed to the individual’s specific requirements.

They are a useful advertising tool in some cases and in others, are used to achieve an individual custom appearance.

Various sizes of text, patterns, logos and images can all be achieved with vinyl and then fitted to your vehicle by our expert team.


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