SARAH: BMW 316 e46

Q. Have you always been into cars from a young age or is it something you have grown into and how?
A. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been into Motorsport, cars and motorbikes. My dad has been my main influence as he was always watching f1 and MotoGP on television and we would often go to Santa pod and Snetterton to watch events. I then went on to study mechanics at college and that’s also how I met my partner, we attend Motorsport events and car shows as much as we can and now we’ve had a little boy I can’t wait to take him to more events

Q. What age did you pass your driving test, 1st attempt?
A. I was 23 when I passed my test It was my 3rd attempt, I lost a lot of confidence when I failed the previous tests that I gave up for a bit which I regret now but I passed and I couldn’t be happier!

Q. What was Your first car?
A. My first car was a Peugeot 106 that was factory purple (amethyst blue)


Q. How many cars have you owned to date?

A. Just the Peugeot and my current car the BMW.

Q. Has there been an all-time favourite,And why?
A. That’s a hard question actually as the Peugeot was such a beautiful colour was definitely eye catching and clean, however I think I have to say the BMW is my favourite car and it’s so much more fun to drive and I love the way it looks at the moment.

Q. What is your current car/cars, and how long have you owned it/them?
A. I currently own a BMW 316 e46 in grey and I have owned the car just over a year now.

SJ03Q. Your current car, was it by choice or accidental ownership / what made you decide on your current car?

A. In a way it was accidental, not long after I passed my test I found out I was pregnant I kept the Peugeot for as long as I could but I knew it would be too impractical with a baby the Peugeot then started to lose power and became too unreliable so had to look for a new car.

My partner has a BMW 320d M sport e46 and I loved the look of the e46 so was then on the hunt for a e46 and I came across the one that I own today.

Q. Do you think there has to be an element of passion and individuality with owning certain cars?
A. Of course, that’s why there are so many different cars and manufacturers out there to suit individual people and what they like, if everyone liked the same stuff would be pretty boring!

sj05Q. How much time and money have you spent on your car?
A. I have spent a fair bit on the BMW some for the modifying aspect but unfortunately most of it was fixing it but I have spent a lot of time of it over the year I’ve owned it

Q. How important to you is making your car your own?
A. It’s very important, people seem to think when you have children that your car has to boring and I’m certainly not one of them! I wanted to keep as Oem as I could just adding my own little touch on the custom paint for the wheels and have lots more plans for either a new car or a complete overhaul ?

Q. What have been the last 3 modifications done to your car?

  • Coil overs
  • Alloys
  • Alloys refurbished and colour change

Q. What will be the next modification?
A. I’m thinking a front splitter to tidy up the front end more.


Q. Do you try and do some of your own work on the car, if not who takes care of that for you?

A. To be honest I didn’t know much about BMWs and my partner owning one already helped me out a great deal, I’m normally helping him and also learning lots about the car as we go along.

Q. How often do you wash or polish and clean your car?
A. I normally wash my car at least once a week I do try to do it more often but having a little one sometimes gets difficult to keep on top of it.

Obviously it’s much easier to keep it clean in the summer than the winter.

Q. Have you got a favourite brand of car cleaning products?
A. Element 7 performance are my sponsors they are an up and coming brand and there cleaning products are amazing.





Q. Have you got any personal tips or tricks on your car care routine?

Carbon collective to protect my alloy wheels is a must with the brake dust fallout.

Q. Have you changed any of your cars original audio / if yes what exactly?
A. Just a Sony head unit with the steering wheel controls (a must)

Q. If you had to choose a scene ie: jap / euro / oe / slammed/stance / horse power chaser / hot hatch etc…. Or similar what scene would you choose?
A. I’m stuck between slammed/stance and horsepower.

Q. Do you follow that particular scene or just take a few of their ideas?
A. I do kind of follow the slammed/stance scene but I haven’t been to any associated shows simply because my car isn’t ready and isn’t quite at 100% but when it is I shall follow them more.

Q. Do you follow any motorsport or watch any car related TV programmes or go to any live events or shows, if so what?
A. British superbikes, British touring car (both in TV and live) MotoGP and mostly anything car related on motors TV.

Been to a few car shows over the years but haven’t shown my car. As above I haven’t been to many car shows to show my car this year as I couldn’t find a company that could custom paint my wheels in the colour I wanted that took a while to find but I’m glad I did! Few little minor touches on the car and I will be 100% happy with it! But I will be heading to a few shows this year I will be at players to look round but will be showing my car at low collective and trax!


Q. What forums / social media or car clubs are you a member of?

A. BMWBOX forum is great for all BMW owners.

The Other Guys are local in my area I do try and go to the meets but work normally means I can’t.

Then the Facebook groups, e36/e46 owners club, Modified BMW, BMW club uk, few girl groups – modified girls, car chicks society
Feel free to follow my Instagram for more pics of the BMW : @sjayyj

 Q. In your dream car garage, what would you choose for…
1 Commuting vehicle = BMW f30 320d sport
2 Family vehicle = same as above
3 Sunny day vehicle = BMW e46 m3 or BMW e39 m5
4 Bad weather 4×4 vehicle = Porsche Cayenne
5 Project vehicle = 2007 Audi TT or golf r32
6 Your vehicle = my BMW 316

Current vehicle:
Make: BMW

Model: 316 e46

Year: 2004

Spec list……
Exterior: Genuine BMW Amber lights front and rear, black gloss kidney grilles

Interior: Black cloth seats, m sport steering wheel and gear nob ( factory extras )

Wheels: 7 series e38 18″ style 32’s

Suspension: jom coil overs

Brakes: standard BMW brakes

Engine: standard 1.8 engine

Estimated power: standard factory so is 114bhp

Thank you to any Companies / businesses / people…

Thank you to my sponsor Element 7 performance –      keep an eye on these guys big things are coming!
Thank you to Adam my partner for all your help X

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