King of the Hill

CCX:      Please introduce yourself

PETER: Hello my name is Peter Milne,   

I’m 48yo, and a self-employed barber with a big passion for cars

CCX:      Please explain what particular area of motorsport you compete in, and where they are held?



PETER: My particular area of motorsport is Hillclimb, Sprints and the odd Track day thrown in.

My main Hillclimb events are at Harewood Speed Hillclimb 

 Motorsport at Harewood has been taking place since   September 1962.

 I have also competed at Olivers Mount Hillclimb

(Situated just five minutes from Scarborough’s town centre),

 Sprints at Teesside Autodrome, Middlesbrough.               

  Blyton Park, Gainsborough                                               

   and Croft Circuit, Darlington.


CCX:     So how does a hillclimb event work?

PETER: A hillclimb event is for any car, which is divided into different classifications.  

My class being Road Modified Saloons and Sports Cars over 2000cc 4Wheel Drive,

There are many different classifications for every type of car/race car.

The marshals will call your batch of cars to the start line.

Each car goes off individually after being lined up at the start line with the laser timing beam on, and your back wheel chocked.



From red light (wait) to green light (go) you are now against the clock up the hill till over the finish line where another laser timing beam will read your finish time.

 After completing your Sprint, you will drive back to the paddock were you can check your times and placement.

These are available in the marshal’s hut.

There are numerous timing beams throughout the course so you can check sectors and sprint times.

Consisting of 6 sectors and 9 corners, you are up against yourself as much as

other competitors, always looking for the perfect run.


So all in all each class of car races against each other in their own class then going individually up the hillclimb against the clock.

Fastest time wins!

Points are scored against your class record at each event which are added up to the end of year total for overall class winners, and overall Harewood Champion.


CCX:     Have you always been a fan of hill climb and where did you first hear/see your first event as a viewer/spectator?

PETER: I had heard of Hillclimbing in the past but never taken much notice of it to be honest until 2012.

 A friend of mine knew someone who was actually competing in an event and they suggested my car would be perfect for this type of event. So I checked out Hillclimb website at Harewood and watched a few videos on YouTube and thought it looked great,

So then I got in touch with Paul Martin (Neverneverman) on MLR (Mitsubishi Lancer Register) online forum as he raced an EVO at Harewood. He filled me in on things and gave me some great advice about it all, then I signed on for my first event.


          ABOVE: Harewood Hillclimb Course Layout


CCX:     Obviously your passion for the hill climbing circuit is very evident once you start chatting about it, are you passionate about any other forms of motorsport?

PETER: I have always liked cars and Motorsport, I can still remember watching Formula 1 as a kid, James Hunt winning in 1976, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Senna, Prost all iconic and amazing.

I still watch Formula 1 now but it has changed so much for the worse in my opinion with engine restrictions, trying to be “Green”.

I loved watching the Group B rally cars of the 80’s,

Now I enjoy BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) and the TT racing Isle of Man.


CCX:     When was your first hill climbing outing?

PETER: My first Hillclimb event was in the August of 2012 at Harewood.

CCX:     Can you remember what you placed?

PETER: I was placed 4th out of 9 cars and timed @ 70.08

I did my first run in 75.  Secs,  2nd run 71 secs and the fastest that day was 69 secs.

My personal best is 64.24secs.

CCX:     What car was that in (brief spec too)?

PETER: The spec on the car was 2.0, Kelford cams, Milltek turbo back exhaust K&N filter, Speed density kit and a Walbro 255 fuel pump plus a remap, which saw 410bhp.

Standard suspension with lowering springs


CCX:      What was needed to make your own personal street car race compliant for the hill

              climbing circuit and are there lots of rules and regulations driver/car alike?

PETER: When I first started I was in the road going class were basically you can enter a car as long as it’s MOT’d, Taxed, etc. (Road Legal).

The scrutineers will go over your car making sure it’s safe and in the correct class.

You do need the battery earth lead to be yellow

(Tape is fine) and you have to have a beam breaker attached to the front of your car for the timin beam to start the run.


And lastly a sticker on your ignition that simply says ON/OFF Direction.

Scrutineers will also check your FIA approved race suit, helmet and gloves.

There are many rules and regulations which are all covered in the MSA “Blue Book” which you receive when you join the

British Automobile Racing Club (BARC)


CCX:     So it’s fair to say you caught the bug pretty much straight away?

PETER: After my first event, straight away I knew it was something I massively enjoyed.

It’s nice to have an Evo as a road car, but doing this was taking your driving and your car to another level of enjoyment, being able to drive it as fast and as skilful as possible on the track and competitively against similar cars and drivers.

CCX:     How did your Evo Street car fair on the events, and how did you initially change the car in the first / early stages.

PETER: My first event went well as the car, being an Evo was already a well sorted rally car.

It was running stage 1 mods, exhaust, air filter, lowering springs, fuel pump and a remap to 400bhp.

My biggest concern that day were the seats and seatbelts.

Straight away I needed to change these, even with the Recaro seats and the standard seatbelts these did not give enough support and restraint out on the track.


The cornering G forces of the Evo at events are massive.

I then changed the seat to Sparco pro2000 bucket seat and a TRS 5-point harness.

The difference was fantastic being sat securely behind the wheel left me to concentrate on the driving.

 As I entered more events it was me and my driving that has had to catch up with the ability of the car, more events equals more seat time and experience,

So I have slowly but surely gotten better and better.

CCX:     Who was your “go to guy” where your car was concerned (modifications / race preparing)

PETER: My “go to guy” was and still is Jamie Lumley who owns Evotune Ltd in Durham.


I got to know Jamie through MLR (Mitsubishi Lancer Register)

He built his own Evo which he himself entered into similar sprint events etc.

He has been looking after my car since 2009, Jamie is the only person I would trust with my car.

Throughout that time, I would have ideas about how I would like the Evo to look and perform, I would then ring Jamie and say

“I would like this and that” and he would always come back with honest and realistic input,


He would say “if you want this you will have to fit that and change that because of the other” always good advice on the build.

One thing I respect about Jamie is that for all I have suggested some parts after I have seen and heard about them (Regardless on Price) He will give me straight advice for the best way forward, not pushing needless or more expensive parts on me (Salesman Talk) even though he could make more money (You Know Some Garages).

Very very straight and knowledgeable guy, he will get you to where you want to go within a budget.

 He has built and mapped my car to what it is today and it’s ran faultless, top job, top man.

CCX:     As you were gaining more experience and entering more hill climbing events how do you think you were fairing in terms of … getting to know the courses? … driving ability? … getting used to the cars handling and power delivery?


PETER: Well I coped well as time went on, in the beginning.

I think most people think they are good drivers (Me Included),

But you soon realise your short comings when you drive on the track, it’s a different ball game.

As time goes on you learn more and more, I am always willing to listen to more experienced people and you will pick things up from their advice.

As for the car over the last few seasons, as it progressed in handling and power I was having to make adjustments to the way I drove to make the most of those modifications,

 As the car progresses so do you.

CCX:       Do you think other driver/competitors were taking more of an interest in you as you were becoming more of a common sight in the events

PETER:  There is always a good atmosphere at events with friendly banter, the car always attracts attention and I suppose some people take an interest in the driver as you improve and set good times.


CCX:      As your times were getting better and yourself a more well-rounded driver do you think you were upsetting a few people, more competition for them 

PETER: That’s what it’s all about “Competition”! It’s not about upsetting people, it’s about beating them.


You can’t get upset about losing, you’ll not enjoy the events, I like being up against quick drivers/cars, makes it more rewarding when you win.

CCX:      While F1 / Touring Cars / RAC Rally get lots of high profile media coverage on main stream TV/Satellite channels, Hill climb events (Goodwood excluded) don’t seem to get any coverage, your thoughts   …

PETER:  yeah it’s a real shame, could be some good viewing on TV if set up right.

There are a lot of interesting cars that compete in events which would appeal to a lot different people, and the racing itself can be very close and dramatic as in Goodwood Hillclimb.


CCX:       Any comments on Olly Clark winning king of the hill in his RCM 850hp+ Subaru “Gobstopper II” at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016 (2nd year in a row now) And would it make you think about switching to Subaru as your new hillclimb vehicle?

PETER:  It was fantastic to watch both the Incar/outside video footage of his run; the man can peddl a car.

Was good to see such a mainstream car (Albeit Highly Modified) win at Goodwood.

 I like Subaru’s, but I’d stick to my personal favourite 

Mitsubishi Evo.

 Put Olly Clark in a similar modified Evo and I think the result would be the same.


Gobstopper II brings the victory home for RCM


CCX:      Do you think more high profile sponsors might attract more viewers and people  wanting to enter the events

PETER: Yes, definitely, Hillclimbing/Sprints etc. are not well known, when people come to watch they usually love it and would probably like to try it.

CCX:      How difficult is it for you to juggle your fulltime work, family commitments and trying to get your Evo ready for the next event

PETER: Getting the car ready for events is no problem,

It’s work commitments with me, Sunday competitions are no problem, but Saturdays can be difficult as I work full time.


CCX:      Can you remember the point in time you actively made that decision to take the big step and enter into the hill climb events properly

PETER: It was an easy decision to enter my first event, and after that I didn’t really think about it.

It was a case of “Right when’s the next one” and the one after that and ok what next with the car to make it faster.


CCX: What are the top 5 modifications you have done to the Evo


  • 3 Stroker engine build
  • Coilovers – Sachs Suspension
  • Big brake kit – Alcon 365mm 6pot front, Dba 4000 rear discs and Pagid r529 pads all round
  • Spare bucket seat and harness
  • 5 speed gearbox



CCX:     What is next for the car

PETER: Next is a spare set of wheels with Semi-Slick tyres. Whilst at Croft Circuit on a Sprint event I felt I was being left behind my road tyres and everyone else was on semi-slicks, So I have to say many thanks to Keith Bryan's loan of wheels and semi-slick tyres resulted in me going 5 secs faster a lap and storming up to 2nd place , happy with that👍


CCX:      What model is your car … also UK or import

PETER: The model is Evo 9 FQ320 UK car.

CCX:     When did you acquire the car … why that model

PETER: Bought new in 2006, this particular model was the latest FQ available at that time so I had to have it.

CCX:      So it was bought just as very nice road car that was going to get lots of love.

PETER: Yes, I bought it as a nice road car, thinking I would make slight modifications to it, maybe stage 1 mods.

But I never imagined it would get as far as it has, but that’s the modifying / racing bug.


CCX:    your last 4yrs of competitive hill climbing events your car has went on its very own journey …

  • 2011 – 2.0 with standard turbo (exhaust, filter, map) modifications power Est 400bhp
  • 2014 – 2.3 stroker kit with standard turbo
  • 2015 – as above but with GT35 turbo and all supporting modifications power Est 600+bhp with over 500 lbs torque
  • 2016 – RS strengthened differentials and 5 speed gearbox                                                   

    Throughout that very interesting journey and having the car in quite a few different stages of engine size, boost and gearing …

    Which was your favourite or best set up for the hill climb stages.

PETER: Throughout the modification journey, the best and my personal favourite set up for Hillclimbs was the 2.3 Stroker engine   with original standard turbo.

It had instant spool up of the turbo which is great for tight, twisty hillclimbs.(On longer, bigger sprint events my current GT35 turbo 600+hp set up is fantastic)


CCX: So what is next ….

Peter: Next is more events, july16 I have entered TOTB (Ten of the Best) for the first time, after going down and watching it for many years.

I’m looking forward to this as it is 3 different disciplines in one day, handling circuit, drag race ¼ mile and top speed run.

More events at Harewood and possibly Olivers Mount (I competed here in 2012+2013 winning my class both times)

And hopefully the rest of the Javelin Sprint Series.

Car wise not too sure what’s next, maybe turn up the boost a little for more power as I’m only running 1.95bar at the moment.

I’ll need another fuel pump for that but watch this space to see what happens.


QTR ML = 12.38secs
TOP SPEED= 146.6mph
Peter is running a 5 Speed box with a stronger RS diff, so this will evidently affect the top speed unfortunately.
His Evo 9 is set up for Hillclimb and sprints so there is your top speed disadvantage.
Everyone had a great day, now onto the next event !

He managed a 43.35sec on the handling circuit, great numbers and great all round performance from Peter and the Evo.

Quarter ml run:


Make: Mitsubishi

Model: Evolution Lancer 9 FQ320 UK

Year: 2006

Exterior: Carbon Fibre- bonnet, Full spoiler, side skirts and splitter, front conards.

Interior: Sparco Pro2000 Bucket seats, 5-point TRS Harnesses.

Wheels: XXR 527 8.75 chrome black, Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tyres.


Suspension: Sachs Coilovers, Tein top mounts and lowering springs.

 Brakes: Alcon 6pot front brake kit with 365mm floating discs, Dba4000 rear brake discs and Pagid R529 pads all round

 Engine: 2.3 Stroker fully forged built engine (evotune)

CP pistons, Manley I beams, 100mm crank, Kelford 272 cams, uprated springs and retainers, JMF inlet manifold.

GT3582hta turbo kit, id1000 injectors.

 Estimated power: 607bhp over 500lbs torque.


CCX:      Are there any Companies / businesses / people you would like to thank or mention

PETER: Defiantly yes, I’d like to thank a few people that have helped me along the way, my close friend Andy Pinkney,         who is the guy who first suggested doing Hillclimbs.

 Andy has been to every one of my events, he brings his van as my support vehicle, sets up my beam breaker, tyre pressures, suspension, camera mounts etc.                                                                                                                                                      He definitely is “My one-man pit crew” Leaving me to just get ready and get in and drive. 


Jamie Lumley @ Evotune for all the work on my car, his advice has been invaluable and the car is a testament to his expert knowledge.

PAUL MARTIN @ Harewood for all his advice on that hillclimb and car settings.

STEVE DARLEY (Lateral Performance) for his advice at Harewood

KEITH BRYAN for his driving advice (and wheels loan that made me competitive at croft)

Car Classified Xchange would like to thank Peter Milne

For his valuable time and his participation in this quite in depth Q&A.

We are delighted to have Peter as our face of motorsport, specifically Hillclimb and Sprint Racing.

We hope you have enjoyed looking into this not so well known area of motorsport, as you can see it is very addictive and quite fascinating.

We will be keeping you up to speed with Peter’s progress and wish him much success in forth coming events also if he makes any changes to his car,

In-car video footage and lots of great photos too.