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Welcome to Custom Tint
When choosing a tint shop, there are quite a few things to consider. We at Custom Tint pride ourselves in our extremely high standards of quality. Our shop is designed for window tinting on vehicles and that is it. We don’t do audio or sell Alloys, we are specialists in window tinting and privacy glass for all types of glass.

We use the correct type of mounting and preparation solution so the tint will bond to the glass the way the manufacturer recommends.

We carry only the highest quality window films, including Bekeart Window Films, Sun Gard High Performance and Llumar High Performance Film. We will never use cheap unbranded films that have no manufactures warranty.

We have tinted more than 5000 cars and have grown with the industry to what it is today. Being a family owned operation we know that we have consistently excellent standards of work and we pride our self on our reputation. Over 60% of our work comes from our reputation so you know that you are guaranteed an excellent service.

 18 years of experience
 Located on the Team Valley Trading Estate next to the Retail World
 Lifetime Warranty on all labour
 Lifetime Warranty on all products (even if you sell the car)
 We are a fully developed, highly recognized, established, tint shop
 We do NOT have to take your car to pieces tint your car.
 Fully Insured
 Wide range of films to choose from
If you are looking for a high quality job, then you can count on Custom Tint to get the job done right the first time–every time.

Custom Tint,
322E Mayoral Way,
NE11 0RT

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Tel: 0191 487 8999

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