Q. Have you always been into cars from a young age or is it something you have grown into?

A. I started out on motorbikes, from a young age I was often found terrorising the neighbours on my little kx60 (5 years old).

Things then progressed and by the age of 14, I was perched upon an old Maico 490 that just so happened to be the most fun, yet temperamental bike I’d owned.

I couldn’t start the thing, relying on the entertainment of watching it backfire and throw the old man across the workshop in a rather spectacular fashion.  I’d ride it across the fields for hours on end, calling into the petrol station (12/13 years old) leaving it running to fill it up, then jumping back on it and tootling home, occasionally escorted by the local Dibble.

Just to point out how mad the world has gone, I can no longer buy a can of deodorant from the same petrol station without being asked for ID.  13 years ago they would sell me petrol and a fag lighter and wish me a good day!

It wasn’t until I was 11 years old and the first Fast & Furious film came out that I was hooked on cars, in particular the Aerotop Supra’s – I just had to have one.  Many years of saving and buying / selling cars to raise a few quid and I had one of my own.  I had no idea back then just how much time, effort and bloody money was going to be spent (wasted) on this car.  In hindsight, I’d have saved up and just bought the Aston.  New!

Q. What age did you pass your driving test, 1st attempt?

A. I passed my driving test at the age of 18, first time round too.  With that said, the unfair advantage I had was a year’s experience on the road already on a motorbike.  Back then (yes, I feel old now), you could pass your test on a 125cc at 17, then ride any bike as long as it was ‘restricted’ to 33BHP.  Note the inverted commas.  This restriction was in place for two years (days).  I then bought an SV1000 as the 650’s replacement as the restriction was up, figured this wasn’t fast enough, and settled with the ‘Busa that I’ve had ever since.

Q. what was your first car?

A. My first car was a 1997 Fiat Punto – purchased from a lovely old lady up the road for the grand total of £400.  It had 37k on it and not a scratch anywhere.  That lasted all of 3 days.  My first incident was head butting a traffic sign whilst trying to handbrake it around a roundabout.  Needless to say, after the second attempt and this happening, I gave up and went home.  About a week later, things appeared to be going well with the Punto, that was until I decided 5th gear had relocated its self to the other side of the gearbox.  First gear and 90mph (*ahem) didn’t go down too well and resulted in random bits of synchromesh being scattered all over the road, along with a lay shaft!  Sadly, this was the end of the Punto, it was scrapped the following day.

Was its replacement (the Rover 25), up to the challenge? 🙂


Q. How many cars have you owned to date?

A. I stopped counting when I turned 20, by then I’d owned (bought and sold / bought to keep) 38 cars.  I decided that this was ridiculous and I’d best just stop counting to avoid any bad feelings.

Q. Has there been an all-time favourite?

A. By far the Supra.  I was 18 when it arrived after a long trip (ON THE BUS) to Aberdeen to collect it.  It’s the only car I own that I don’t think, unless the proverbial royally hits the fan, that I would sell.

Q. What is your current car/cars? and how long have you owned it/them?

A. Currently I’ve got:

2x Toyota Supra’s – one nearly done, the other nowhere near

BMW X5 – The daily that gets parked anywhere, pulls anything and so far seems reliable.

VW Golf 150 TDI Anniversary Spec – 480k and going strong.  It’s the reliable tank that just keeps on going, does 50mpg and doesn’t whinge every time I ring its neck to work and back.

Q. Your current car, was it by choice or accidental ownership / what made you decide on your current car?

A. The BMW X5 was through choice.  I’d been looking at something to replace the RAV4 for a while, spent months trying to find the best all-rounder.  I settled with the E53 after a drive in the plastic, lightweight tin can of an E70.  For 20k more, (the e70 over the e53) you get: no electric seats, no electric steering column, creaky dashboard, cheap leather, no mirror memory and a chassis that’s so much lighter, it can’t pull a car trailer (laden) legally.  What’s the F’ point in that!

I’ve owned Cayenne’s, RR Sport, Touareg and an E53 in the past, out of the lot, it seems to just work, and was by far the best on fuel too.  Now, I know any 4×4 isn’t going to match the Golf in terms of MPG, but when you’re doing 30k a year, 36mpg is significantly lighter on the wallet than 27 (the most I was getting from any of the others).

Q. Do you think there has to be an element of passion and individuality with owning certain cars?

A. I think certain cars attract a particular kind of person.  What type of people and what type of cars is based on individual preference though?

I wouldn’t own a Subaru for example.  I’d have an Evo any day though.


Q. How much passion, time and money have you spent on your car?

A. 6 years, numerous late nights and weekend, and too much money.

Q. How important to you is making your car your own?

A. It’s very important to me.  It’s something I enjoy doing.  I feel anyone can go out and get a nice / fast car, it’s the people that spend time working on them themselves, or if they can’t, guiding someone else who can with their vision and drive to get the car to how they want it,

Q. What have been the last 3 modifications done to your car?

A. The last major modification was my forged engine build.  The old motor had the best part of 250k on it and was blowing oil past the rings at 30psi.

Q. What will be the next modification?

A. The next modification is me.  I need to learn to finish it and leave it alone for a while.  I’ve been trying to do things all at once, along with other people’s cars to work on, and a full time job, I’ve not had the time.

Q. Do you try and do some of your own work on the car …if not who takes care of that for you?

A. I’ve done 95% of the work on it myself, from fabrication to assembly.  The bodywork has been done by a mate in Oxford.

Q. How often do you wash or polish and clean your car?

A. I have to be honest here, I’ve cleaned the Supra about 10 times in 7 years, it’s spent more time than not in bits, so I don’t think I’m the person to give an honest answer on this.

Q. Have you got a favourite brand of car cleaning products?

A. I’ve still got a Meguiar’s kit from 2011, still loads left, might help if I used it more often.


Q. Have you got any personal tips or tricks on your car care routine?

A. Clean the thing more than I do.

Q. Have you changed any of your cars original audio / if yes what exactly?

A. I’ve swapped the lot out.  Currently running a pair of Rockford Fosgate components up front, Alpine type R’s in the rear.

It’s going in to Monty @ Bass mechanix when I eventually finish the thing for a boot build.

Q. If you had to choose a scene i.e. jap / euro / oem / slammed/stance / horse power chaser / hot hatch etc. or similar what scene would you choose?

A. Bit of an old fart here, I like the classics.  Old Jag’s, Aston’s or Bugatti’s and I’m in my element.  Also a fan of the British sports cars of the day, Lotus (Esprit in particular) and TVR’s.

Q. Do you follow that particular scene or just take a few of their ideas?

A. I’ve never really been into a particular scene.  It’s nice to see a variety of cars, not just a long line on Subaru’s.  Not that I’ve anything against Subaru’s – there’s just a lot of them.

Q. Do you follow motorsport on TV or go to any live events or shows, if so what?

A. Mainly Moto GP / IOM.  I’m not really in to Formula 1 nowadays, far too restricted and predictable.

Q. what forums / social media or car clubs are you a member of?

A. N/A – More hassle than they’re worth (online forums etc.)

Q.  What is your top 5 car orientated websites?

A. I spent most of my time online on various car groups on Facebook, they seem to have overtaken the old vbulletin style forums that were once thriving.  I’m usually on various ECU / Engine management forums for ideas.


Q. In your dream car garage, what would you choose for…


1 Commuting vehicle = VW  Golf R

2 Family vehicle = AUDI RS7

3 Sunny day vehicle= JAGUAR E Type

4 Bad weather 4×4 vehicle= G Wagon

5 Project vehicle= TOYOTA Supra


Current vehicle:

Make: Toyota

Model: Supra Aerotop V8

Year: 1994

Spec list……


Top secret 3 front bumper

Do luck front wings

Extended rear arches

Do luck rear bumper

Uk glass headlamps

Facelift front indicators

De spoilered

Rear wiper and jet removed


Custom roll cage

Recaro reclining bucket seats

Custom seat rails

Rear seat delete

Fiberglass custom subwoofer boxes to replace rear seats

Co2 bottle + Nitrous bottle

Precision power 600 6 channel amplifier

Kenwood dnx 5220BT head unit

Audiobahn 2awg cables

Optoma red top battery relocated in boot

Rockford Fosgate Coaxials – front

Alpine type R’s – rear

Momo steering wheel

Quick release steering wheel boss

Pivot rev counter

Plx wideband sensor + gauge

Oil pressure gauge + oil temperature gauge in pillar pod (60mm).

Do Luck floor brace

Sparco harness bar

Takata Harnesses

Relocated washer bottle to boot

Custom tablet dashboard – Samsung galaxy tab 2 – replaces standard clocks.

Momo gear knob

Momo leather handbrake and gear gaiter

Norris stainless steel heater dials and surrounds


Ultralite GT2 20”


KAD 6 pot front and rear, AP discs.  Porterfield pads.

HEL Braided lines throughout

HEL clutch line

Castrol SRF brake fluid


Tein Flex


Megan racing tie and toe arms

Megan racing rack outers

Megan racing rear upper arms

Megan racing front upper arms


Mahle pistons

Carrilo Cosworth conrods,

ACL Race bearings

ARP L19 rod bolts

ARP L19 main studs

ARP L19 head studs

Kelford 207-X custom camshafts

Kelford valve springs

Kelford titanium retainers

Manley iconel valves

Cometic head gaskets

ETS intercooler

Custom fan tensioner

Custom waterneck

1UZ > LS7 throttle body adapter

Link 7 bar map sensor

Holley 10 bar fuel pressure sensor

Holley 10 bar oil pressure sensor

Megasquirt 3 Pro ECU

DBW throttle controller


LS7 Throttle body

LS7 Throttle pedal

ASNU 1300 injectors (8x)

Custom fuel rails

Earls fittings

2x Bosch 044 fuel pumps on custom bracket

E85 sensor (GM)

Fuellab fuel cooler

Fuellab fuel pressure regulator

PLX wideband controller and sensor

Custom crankcase breather kit (AN12), custom catch tank and pipework

Custom exhaust headers and turbo manifolds

Schwitzer S410 turbocharger – 360 degree thrust bearing, iconel exhaust, titanium intake impellor.

Twin turbosmart 38mm wastegates

Custom dump pipes

Custom exhaust (3” straight through), aftermarket 5” silencer Manifolds and exhaust heatwrapped

Fluidyne radiator

Custom radiator pipework

Spal twin radiator fans

2x 10 row oil coolers (setrab) + pirtek pipework

Mocal power steering cooler + pirtek pipework


Getrag 6 Speed

B03B diff with cooler and pump at the rear

Solid rear diff mounts

AP ¾ bore master cylinder

Custom adapter plate

TTV flywheel

TTV carbon clutch – rated to 900lbft

Custom transmission mount

Dave Mac propshaft

Estimated power:

Unknown – but it’s enough……. We think so too Ben!