Ashleigh: VW Lupo
Ashleigh Mattison VW Lupo

Q. Have you always been into cars from a young age or is it something you have grown into and how?
A. I have been into cars since I was about 14 when my brother got his first van (Ford Escort) and I helped him pull it apart and attempt to do it up which was never going to end well.

Q. What age did you pass your driving test, 1st attempt?
A. I passed my driving test when I was 18 years old on the first attempt but I had 5 different driving instructors in the 1 and a half years of learning to drive.

Q. what was Your first car?
A. Volkswagen Lupo, 1.0 E Silver

Q. How many cars have you owned to date?
A. Only one.

Q. Has there been an all-time favourite?
A. Owned my lupo 3 years now and never wanted another car as I love doing it up and changing the look of it when I get used to it.

Q. What is your current car/cars? and how long have you owned it/them?
A. Volkswagen Lupo and I’ve owned it 3 years.

Q. Your current car, was it by choice or accidental ownership / what made you decide on your current car?
A. I chose my current car when I was 18 it was between a Lupo and a Toyota Yaris, and since I’ve always liked modified cars I thought of what I could do to it before it was even bought, so I went to see the Lupo first and bought it straight away even though it had no wing mirror, half an exhaust and a cracked windscreen ha-ha.
I could see its potential so before I passed my test I spent all my time fixing it up.

Q. Do you think there has to be an element of passion and individuality with owning certain cars?
A. I do think there has to be an element of passion to own a car and it’s important to make it your own as it keeps the love of driving it.
I like spending time in my car driving around to car shows or just to work down the country roads as even though it’s not very fast it’s still fun to drive and I love it.

Q. How much time and money have you spent on your car?
A. I don’t think I can even add up the amount of time I have spent on my car but over the past 3 years I’ve spent £3500 doing it up and fixing the many issues it has had (exhaust, windscreen, gearbox, fuel filter, HT leads)

Q. How important to you is making your car your own?
A. I love having a car that is totally different from anyone else’s, I hate seeing modified cars all looking the same because anyone can lower a Lupo and stick BBS rims on and call it modified but there’s loads parked together and the only thing that’s different is the colour.

Q. What have been the last 3 modifications done to your car?
• Full Respray – Silver to Turquoise
• New Alloys – ATS cups
• Lowered on Coilovers

Q. What will be the next modification?
A. I would love air ride but as an apprentice it’s going to take a lot of saving up to get it.

Q. Do you try and do some of your own work on the car …if not who takes care of that for you?
A. I can do some bits and bobs like changing the lights and interior parts and brakes but anything major my brother mostly does or when he’s busy I will take it to a garage.

Q. How often do you wash or polish and clean your car?
A. I clean my car every week and polish it once a month, I won’t ever take it to a car wash to clean it as machine car washes and jet wash brushes can damage a cars paintwork.

Q. Have you got a favourite brand of car cleaning products?
A. My current favourite brand of car cleaning products is Element 7 performance, not because they are our car groups sponsors but it’s the best I’ve tried my car is always shining and spotless after using their products.
I used their shampoo, fallout remover, snow foam and quick detailer, but I use Fuzo wax to polish it up.

Q. Have you got any personal tips or tricks on your car care routine?
A. I don’t really have any tips other than tyre shine also works as dash board shine.

Q. Have you changed any of your cars original audio / if yes what exactly?
A. Yes I have changed the audio in my car to a Sony Explod head unit and Fli door speakers, Subwoofer and Amplifier are in my boot build.

Q. If you had to choose a scene i.e. jap / euro / oe / slammed/stance / horse power chaser / hot hatch etc. Or similar what scene would you choose?
A. Would Definitely have to be Slammed and Euro as I love done up Volkswagens and BMW cars.
I’d love to own a mk1 golf one day so the euro theme sticks in with whatever car I would buy next.

Q. Do you follow that particular scene or just take a few of their ideas?
A. I don’t exactly follow the slammed scene as my car isn’t as low as it could go as I’ve had to go practicality over scene.
As where I work there are quite a lot of speed bumps.

Q. Do you follow any motorsport or watch any car related TV programmes or go to any live events or shows, if so what?
A. Don’t watch TV much, so no.

Q. what forums / social media or car clubs are you a member of?
A. Euro Spotter, German Roots, Slammed Social, VW Lupo Owners

Q. What is your top 5 car orientated websites?
• German Roots Facebook Page
• VW Lupo owners Facebook Page
• Euro Spotter Facebook page

Q. In your dream car garage, what would you choose for…
• Commuting vehicle = Volkswagen Caddy
• Family vehicle = Audi A4
• Sunny day vehicle = Audi TT
• Bad weather 4×4 vehicle = Volkswagen Transporter
• Project vehicle = Volkswagen MK1 Golf
• Your vehicle = Volkswagen Lupo GTI

Current vehicle:

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Lupo

Year: 2002

Spec list……

Exterior: Full Respray in Turquoise

Interior: Audi TT Front seats, boot build in the rear, original floor mats and Sticker Bombed

Wheels: ATS Cups – Pink and silver

Suspension: Coilovers

Brakes: Standard

Engine: All Standard

Estimated power: 52 BHP

Thank you to any Companies / businesses / people?

German Roots

Chris (my brother)

Element 7 Performance