Q. Have you always been into cars from a young age or is it something you have grown into?

A. I have always been into cars from a young age mainly as I was always around them and always was a helping hand to anyone who needed it.


Q. What age did you pass your driving test, 1stattempt?

A. I was seventeen years old when I passed my test and passed on the very first try as I was itching to get out in my own car.


Q. What was your first car?

A. My first car was a Citroen Saxo which I had already bought off my boss before I had passed my test.


Q. How many cars have you owned to date?

A. I have owned four cars to date. Citroen Saxo, MK4 Vauxhall Astra, MK3 Vauxhall Corsa, MK3 Skoda Octavia VRS.


Q. Has there been an all-time favourite?

A. MK3 Octavia VRS.


Q. What is your current car/cars, and how long have you owned it/them?

A. My current car is a 2015 Skoda Octavia VRS, I have owned it for just over six months.


Q. Your current car, was it by choice or accidental ownership / what made you decide on your current car?

A. My current car was a car of choice, I had seen one and decided to go for a test drive and ordered one that same day.


Q. Do you think there has to be an element of passion and individuality with owning certain cars?

A. I do think there has to be some form of passion when owning certain cars as I think that there are some vehicles that need a lot more passion and devotion than others.


Q. How much passion, time and money have you spent on your car?

A. There no way I can put into words that sums up how much time and effort I have put into my car because it’s still not finished but up to now It’s going well.

I could not possibly tell you how much I have spent as I know my other half will be reading this 😉



Q. How important to you is making your car your own?

A. It’s very important to me that I try and make my car my own as I think that my car show how it represents me and what I do.

Q. What have been the last 3 modifications done to your car?

  • Audi RS3 front brake conversion
  • Eibach wheel spacers
  • Engine remap

Q. What will be the next modification?

A. Next on the list are some 19-inch O.Z racing wheels

Q. Do you try and do some of your own work on the car …if not who takes care of that for you?

A. I do all the work on my car with me being a mechanic its only right that I work on it.

Q. How often do you wash or polish and clean your car?

A. I wash and polish my car at least once a week if not more if the weathers good.



Q. Have you got a favourite brand of car cleaning products?
A. I have got many favourite cleaning brands that I use on my car and all have different jobs but the best I use are Gtechniq, Autofinesse, Kleanfreaks.

Q. Have you got any personal tips or tricks on your car care routine?
A. The best tips I can give are to buy a pressure washer and a foam lance and to use the two bucket wash method with a grit guard in each bucket, I started to use this method about 2 years ago and found that it greatly decreased the amount of small swirl marks that you can inflict on your paint when washing by hand.

Q. Have you changed any of your cars original audio / if yes what exactly?
A. I have not currently changed the audio in my car as of yet but it’s on the cards.

Q. If you had to choose a scene i.e. jap / euro / oe / slammed/stance / horse power chaser / hot hatch etc. Or similar what scene would you choose?
A. If I had to choose a scene it would be Euro as this best replicates me and my car.

Q. Do you follow that particular scene or just take a few of their ideas?
A. I follow the euro scene and try to take a few different ideas and put a spin on them to suit my car.

Q. Do you follow motorsport on TV or go to any live events or shows, if so what?
A. I follow the Formula one and Moto GP.

Q. What forums / social media or car clubs are you a member of?
A. I am a member of the Skoda mk1,2,3 VRS owners club on Facebook.

Q. What are your top 5 car orientated websites?

Q. In your dream car garage, what would you choose for…
1 Commuting vehicle = Ferrari 599 GTO
2 Family vehicle = Audi c7 rs6
3 Sunny day vehicle = Porsche 911 GT2
4 Bad weather 4×4 vehicle = Bowler wild cat
5 Project vehicle = 1965 lotus Cortina mk1 race car
6 Your vehicle = McLaren P1

Current vehicle:
Make: Skoda
Model: Octavia VRS TDI Estate
Year: 2015

Spec list……

Full black optics pack, Gloss black Maxton designs splitter, Tinted windows, Tinted Fog lights, Audi RS4 b8 number plate lights.

Leather interior with red stitching, LED interior upgrade

19inch black O.Z ultraleggeras

Eibach sport line springs, Eibach anti roll bars, Eibach wheel spacers.

Audi RS3 front brake conversion, Vagbremtechnic calliper conversion kit, Tarox brake pads , Goodridge braided brake lines, Tarox brake fluid.
Revolution remap, Pipercross air filter
Estimated power:
237bhp – 367ftlbs torque.

Thank you to any Companies / businesses / people…
Revolution Motorstore
O.Z racing
Eibach UK
Tarox brakes